1-To advocate for media rights, professionalism and self-regulation
2- To uplift the standards and aims of journalism in Uganda including but not restricted to the working conditions and welfare of journalists in general.                                              

3- To assist Uganda journalists in pioneering and establishment of different associations, groups, enterprises and other organizations related to the journalistic profession.
4- To encourage, train, equip and enable journalists to play their part in the task of nation building.
5- To explore ways and means by which journalists rights and obligations can be defined, established and protected.
7- To establish and maintain mutual dealings with international and regional journalists Associations and other non-governmental organizations to enhance the objectives of the Association.
8- To promote research, and education about the principals, activities and potentialities of the Association and the profession.
9- To provide medical and psycho-social support to media practitioners injured in the course of their duty.